Friday Fantasy: Hidden Pond in Maine

Hidden Pond Cottage

Hidden Pond in Kennebunkport, Maine is totally where I would go to feel like an upper-crust East-coaster on a classic summer vacation. Guests stay in their own well-appointed cottages (I like the looks of the two-story “Lucky” cottage), and creature comforts abound.

Catch a free ride to nearby Goose Rocks Beach in a classic 1957 Ford station wagon, unwind at the spa, shop and dine in downtown Kennebunkport, or just enjoy the luxury of your cottage and its pretty natural surroundings. There’s also a pool, onsite bar and restaurant, complimentary beach cruiser bikes, fitness classes, and plenty more quaint yet posh amenities.

Hidden Pond earns a “Friday Fantasy” label because it ain’t cheap–rates start around $400 per night for the smaller bungalows and only go up from there.

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