I Want to Go to There: Yurts in Big Sur

Guest blog post by Eavan:
Treebones Resort in Big Sur has everything a nature lover whose used to city comforts can desire. The resort, located right on the coast, is known for its yurt accommodations. Feel like you’re “camping” by the water, but stay in a circular cabin-esque room which offers real beds, heat and furniture. Showers and restrooms are a short walk away.

Instead of heating up beans and hot dogs by a fire, guests can enjoy local, organic farm-to-table meals at the Wild Coast Restaurant on site. They also offer an amazing sushi bar. And for those looking for an experience closer to “roughing it,” try reserving one of their ocean-front human nests. Nothing says “I love you” like sleeping in a tree with your beau.

The human nest. Photo via treebonesresort.com.


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