A New Place to Stay in L.A.

Opening on June 1, 2011, the Mr. C hotel in Los Angeles is said to represent “a modern version of old-world simplicity and stylish European glamour,” and it’s situated in a convenient south Beverly Hills neighborhood that’s pretty close to freeways and less congested than Hollywood.

Rooms sport hardwood floors, a soothing color palette of whites and creams, and balconies (so try to score a room on a high floor for a sweet view of the Hollywood Hills). Two features that set the place apart are its 4,500 square foot pool with cabanas and complimentary wi-fi, which is a HUGE plus for a hotel of this quality (for some reason, I’ve noticed that budget hotels usually provide free internet while the four and five star joints love to charge you for web access).

Overall Mr. C seems like a great addition to the L.A. hotel scene, and I love its unique location–central, mild traffic and plenty of shops & restaurants in walking distance!

Photo via mrchotels.com.


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