Humpday Travel News Roundup: May 18


Here’s a handful of travel stories and articles that caught my eye this week:

Coverage for When the Vacation Is Scrubbed, Wall Street Journal
A useful primer on the ins and outs of travel insurance, which is especially relevant nowadays with all the uncertainty around the world.

Greenwashing in the U.S. airline industry?, Summit County Citizens Voice
A disturbing article about how major U.S. airlines are merely paying lip service to stricter environmental regulations while quietly lobbying against them.

Paul Theroux on the art of travel, Reuters
An interesting Q&A with iconic travel writer Paul Theroux. I really like the final question about feeling agitated. Amen to that.

Utah travel: The basics of houseboating at Lake Powell, The Salt Lake Tribune
I’m intrigued by the idea of renting a houseboat with friends/family, and this article provided a nice introduction to this type of vacation.

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One thought on “Humpday Travel News Roundup: May 18

  1. Thanks for the above link to my Summit Voice story on airlines. I think airlines have made progress on the environmental front, and the story doesn’t suggest that they don’t abide by existing regulations. What’s disturbing is that they are trying to block some real progress in the area of greenhouse gas emissions. I use these airlines frequently, and a traveler and citizen of the world, I’d like to see them be in the vanguard of addressing global warming.

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