Friday Fantasy: Amangiri Utah

Your own private "sky lounge" at Amangiri. Photo via

Sometimes I just like to fantasize about dream vacations that are beyond the realms of affordability. And the luxurious Amangiri Utah resort is a place that’s definitely worthy of my travel daydreams. Located in southern Utah near the Arizona border, Amangiri’s architecture is all about dreamy, natural hues that blend into its beautiful surroundings. The 34 suites look like they’ve been ripped from the pages of Architectural Digest, and luxury touches abound: entry to each suite is via a private courtyard that features a Douglas Fir timber screen, spacious bathrooms have twin rain showers, large windows look out onto uninterrupted desert mesa views, etc. The top-end suites even have their own private pools.

Outside of the suites, guests can enjoy the large spa (complete with water pavilion, fitness center, yoga pavilion and flotation room), on and off-property hiking, a huge pool that wraps around a natural rock formation, a couple restaurants, and free airport transfers. Rates START at $950 per night and only go up from there. My dream room would be the sumptuous girijaala suite, which has a “sky lounge” and a nice-sized swimming pool. Alas, I won’t be exclaiming “luxury at last!” anytime soon, as rates for this particular suite are about $3,000 per night!


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