Humpday Travel News Roundup: May 11

high speed rail

Here’s a handful of travel stories and articles that caught my eye this week:

To Serve, to Protect and…to Steal, New York Press
A thought-provoking and somewhat alarming article about theft committed by TSA workers and how this has air safety implications.

Budget travel for history buffs, Chicago Tribune
The author has great tips about how you can soak up some history and culture for free during your travels. I really like the volunteering suggestion.

Calif. Auditor Slams Management of $43B High-Speed Rail Project, Urges Overhaul, The New York Times
I’ve been following the news about the fate of high speed rail plans all over the U.S. and especially in California, so this is a sobering article. I hope they can get it together.

TSA pats down baby at Kansas City airport, USA Today
More fuel for the anti-TSA fire and an example of how “security theater” is more spectacle than safeguard.

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