Humpday Travel News Roundup: April 27

Tokyo Disneyland

Here’s a handful of travel stories and articles that caught my eye this week:

Airlines turn to Twitter to ease passengers’ frustrations, USA Today
I think this is a step in the right direction, and also a good reason to have a Twitter app on your phone (so you can dash off some Tweets if you’re stranded at an airport or something).

Ringmaster, wife travel with children in tow, The Charleston Gazette
This is an interesting glimpse into the life of a modern-day circus ringmaster.

Japanese to mark long holiday with volunteer work, not travel, Reuters
An inspiring story, and a testament to the spirit of Japanese people.

Photos: Tokyo Disneyland reopens after the quake, Los Angeles Times
Ending on a happy note, Tokyo Disneyland is back in operation! I’ve heard nothing but raves about this theme park and Tokyo DisneySEA, and I still plan to visit someday.

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