2fer Tuesday: Non-Travel Mags With Great Travel Ideas


Sometimes I discover the greatest travel tips and suggestions through reading certain non-travel magazines. Here are two that I’ve come to rely on month after month:

Sunset: This publication celebrates the American West, and every issue is chock full of ideas on where to go and what to see in the region. I just received the May issue in the mail yesterday, and I loved the cover story about “Camping in Comfort.”

GOOD: There are many things to love about GOOD, from its non-profit status to its championing of worthy causes around the world. But one aspect of the magazine that I highly appreciate is that its unique articles often inspire me to research off-the-beaten-path cities and countries that have much more going for them than just chintzy tourist attractions. Their recent L.A. issue provided a thoughtful rumination on the future of cities and also shed light on cool stuff in my own backyard that I wasn’t aware of! (e.g., who knew that the communes of the 60s were evolving into more practical urban communities?)

Photo via good.is.


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