Luxury Cabins in the Colorado Rockies

Dunton Hot Springs

Lately the hectic and often unpleasant reality of the daily grind has had me yearning to get away from it all, to someplace far from the artificiality of the office and closer to the genuine loveliness of nature and wilderness. So I was really pleased to stumble upon the Dunton Hot Springs resort in the Colorado Rockies–it’s just what the doctor ordered!

Dunton is essentially a revitalized and restored ghost town, where you can stay in a hand-built log cabin of your own and enjoy simple pleasures like horseback rides, evenings at the saloon/dance hall, hiking, and soaks in local hot springs. You get to relish the  rustic, natural environment while still enjoying high-end touches–all inclusive meals made with local organic ingredients, fancy furnishings in your cabin, etc.

There are 13 cabins to choose from, and each has amazing mountain views. I’ve got my eye on the pretty vertical log cabin, and also the Dunton Store cabin, which has its own private soaking pool out back.

Keep in mind: Rates are high, but many of the cabins accommodate large parties, so you can split the cost among some friends and/or family. Meals are included, and in addition to many outdoor pursuits, you can also try the spa and even yoga and Pilates classes.

Bonus tip(s): Dunton Hot Springs would make for a really cool destination wedding–the resort allows large parties to rent the whole town, and conveniently, a vintage chapel is on-site.

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