2fer Tuesday: Lake Tahoe Brunches

Squeeze In

An omelet plate at Squeeze In. Photo via squeezein.com.

I just got back from a quick weekend trip to Lake Tahoe, and while the snowy mountains were the main attraction (yay for snowshoeing!), I also had a couple really tasty meals while I was there. And these meals were, of course, brunches, because I am addicted to trying local brunch spots wherever I go:

Old Post Office Cafe, Carnelian Bay, CA: This little place (housed in a tiny building that once served as a post office) was conveniently close to the house we were renting, and their hearty breakfast fare was good fuel for a long day of snow sports at Squaw Valley and Alpine Meadows. My egg sandwich was basic but good, and I appreciated that my coffee cup was always topped off with a quickness. Get here early, because the waits can be lengthy during prime brunch time.

Squeeze In, Truckee, CA: This greasy spoon is in old town Truckee, which is worth a couple hour detour in itself–it’s retained a lot of its old West storefronts and there are a handful of cute shops to explore (I recommend the sweets shop, where the smell of fresh caramel apples will draw you in before you even see the place). Squeeze In specializes in omelets, and the selection is huge. You’ll be able to find pretty much any combo of meats/veggies/cheeses that you desire, and there are also customization options galore (egg whites, egg beaters, toast, homemade biscuits, three special sauces to choose from, etc.)

Keep in mind: This isn’t gourmet stuff, it’s your simple, standard, stick-to-your-ribs American brunch that will provide enough sustenance for a hard day on the mountains.

Bonus tip(s): If you’re flying out of Reno, try dinner (or brunch!) at the Old Granite Street Eatery, which offers a delicious twist on classic comfort food and emphasizes ingredients from local farms.


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