Cruise Port Primer: Cabo San Lucas

The Office

A tasty selection of fresh salsas at The Office.

When I’m on a cruise, I always want to make the most of the limited time I have in each port of call. Here’s my recommendation on how to spend a lovely day in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico:

First things first: On most Mexican Riviera itineraries, Cabo San Lucas is your last port stop and it’s a very short stop at that (usually about half a day). Additionally, the Cabo harbor isn’t able to accommodate big cruise ships, so you’ll be anchored a ways out and will have to catch a ride into town on one of your ship’s tender boats. Many cruisers choose to get up at the crack of dawn, lining up to board the very first tenders, but I don’t think this is necessary unless you have some sort of major excursion planned that you mustn’t be late for. I like to catch a tender just after the hordes of early birds have departed (around 8:30 – 9 a.m.) Before you leave, be sure to spray yourself with some insect repellent, otherwise you’re likely to return to the ship with a slew of mosquito bites.

Stroll to The Office: When you arrive at the Cabo harbor, you’ll be dropped off on the south end. Proceed on foot along the harbor towards the north end–this is a nice, long, meandering walk with plenty of opportunities for people watching and taking in the waterside scenery. When you reach the end of the harbor, swing a left and continue walking onto Medano Beach, a lovely place for swimming. This juncture on your walk is a great time to roll up your pants, take off your shoes, and stroll along the shoreline. As you walk, keep an eye out for The Office, a pleasant and delicious beach-side eatery and cantina. When you arrive at The Office, get an outdoor table with a nice view and settle in for an early lunch (and perhaps a margarita or two). I recommend the lobster or fish tacos!

Get a little shopping in: After polishing off your meal at The Office, you have time for a short shopping jaunt through town as you make your way back to the ship. Instead of retracing your steps, walk towards the front of The Office (away from the beach) and onto Paseo del Pescador. Continue on this street until it hits Lazaro Cardenas, then make a left onto this main drag, which will take you all the way back to the Cabo harbor where you can catch your return tender. Along the way you’ll find plenty of shops, small markets and street vendors, so scoop up some souvenirs if you’re so inclined. I always look for stuff that’s actually made in Mexico rather than generic trinkets made in China–a couple cool items I found here included handmade candles in dried orange peels and a cute Mexican-style sundress.


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