2fer Tuesday: Ways to Help Japan Now


I’ve been watching with horror over the past few days as the natural disasters in Japan have led to a terrible emergency situation and deepening tragedy in the country. Here are two ways that you can support the relief efforts currently underway in Japan:

Donate Points or Miles: Many airlines and credit card reward programs are allowing customers to donate increments of miles or points to the Japanese relief efforts. A majority of these giving programs direct funds to the Red Cross, which is a good choice because your donation will go to where it’s most needed. Check the fine print before you donate to make sure the funds are going to a worthy organization. Here are a few links to get you started: American Express, American Airlines, Continental, Delta, United and US Airways.

Launch a HelpAttack!: If you’re an avid user of Twitter or Facebook, check out HelpAttack!, which allows you to easily leverage your online life in order to generate a donation for the Red Cross. It’s an interesting option because you’re not just contributing to a good cause, you’re also broadcasting these good deeds to your network, thus helping inspire additional generosity.

Photo via boston.com/bigpicture


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