2fer Tuesday: Delectable Portland Brunches

ned ludd eggs

Yummy brunch at Ned Ludd. Photo via Yelp.

I recently visited Portland, Oregon for the first time and fell in love! I can’t wait to return to this splendid (and easily navigable) city where inexpensive, local-farm-fresh food abounds. And the coffee…oh that Portland coffee…strong, aromatic, organic, delicious–just how I like it!

I’m a huge fan of brunch, and while in Portland, I had two mouth-watering brunches that seriously hit the spot. Next time you’re in “the city of roses” and craving a hearty weekend morning meal, I highly recommend both of these restaurants:

Mother’s Bistro & Bar, 212 SW Stark St: This place is pretty much a Portland brunch institution, so expect a wait if you roll up during peak hours without a reservation. The fair trade Holler Mountain Organic Blend coffee is served piping hot in a french press, delivering a great mid-morning caffeine jolt. I prefer a breakfast-y brunch, so I had the Migas (eggs, corn tortillas, jack cheese, onions and peppers scrambled together, then topped with chipotle sour cream, salsa & green onions) with whole wheat toast and breakfast potatoes. Scrumptious!

Ned Ludd, 3925 NE MLK Jr. Blvd: A couple locals took me here for brunch, and thank goodness they did! In what proved to be the best meal of my trip, I shared a sampling of appetizers and entrees including field greens salad, pears & blue cheese, creamed greens & eggs, fresh-baked biscuits & gravy, mac ‘n mornay (yum), and more. This place won me over not just with its delicious food and emphasis on farm-to-table goodness, but also its unique kitchen setup: in its former incarnation the restaurant was a pizza place, so the new owners retained the big wood-burning pizza oven and they now make ALL their food in that very oven! So cool. I can’t wait to return and try out Ned Ludd’s dinner offerings.

Keep in mind: Aside from the dry, sunny summer months, Portland is a very rainy town, so plan and dress accordingly. I was there during torrential downpours and seemed to be the only person fiddling with an umbrella–locals look way cooler in their waterproof raincoats and boots.

Bonus tip(s): I enjoyed my stay at the swanky new Nines Hotel, but on my next trip I’ll most likely switch up neighborhoods and stay at the Ace, Jupiter or an apartment through airbnb.


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